Curved sensors,
the new standard for imaging systems.

SILINA offers innovative turnkey solutions to curve imaging sensors and boost the performance of your vision systems.

Be a step ahead of competition on camera performance.

Realize significant savings on manufacturing and integration.

Reach new markets with disruptive camera designs.

Advantage 1

Better image quality with the same sensor

SILINA curved sensors boost the performance of your vision systems by drastically enhancing the image quality over the whole field of view.

Your product is one step ahead of competition thanks to unparalleled performances :

Advantage 2

Simpler and less expensive camera

SILINA curved sensors enable to remove optical elements. The camera is simpler, less expensive, and faster to align.

You realize significant savings on components and on alignment time during camera production :

Advantage 3

Smaller and lighter camera

SILINA curved sensors allow a miniaturization of your vision systems. The bulkiness of the camera will no longer limit your designs.

You open up new design possibilities and applications for your products :


Services made to fit your needs

Whether you are a manufacturer or use imaging sensors for your vision systems,
SILINA is your partner to boost imaging system performance thanks to our groundbreaking curving process.

High-end sensors

Custom curving service for camera designers & constructors


  • Supports your optical system design to enhance your products
  • Architects a custom curvature on your usual sensors according to your specifications.
  • Curves & packages from 1 up to 20.000 sensors / year

You have a project needing a small series of curved sensors ?

High volume sensors​

Integrated curving equipment for sensor & camera module manufacturers​


  • Develops & calibrates automated and modular curving equipment
  • Installs the equipment in your facilities or your OSAT’s
  • Provides training & regular maintenance

You want to test our performances on your prototypes ?


A game-changing

SILINA’s groundbreaking process makes this technology accessible to all imaging applications.

Exclusive & Innovative technology

Full wafer simultaneous curving demonstrated


SILINA curves your sensors with a repeatable outcome. This guarantees a high and reliable yield. 


SILINA's high speed process curves your sensors at wafer level, minimizing unit costs and allowing for integration into high volume production lines


SILINA curves your sensors with optimized and customizable shapes (Spheric, Aspheric, Toroidal, Custom...) to fit your specific needs.


SILINA curves sensors of various formats and technologies: CMOS , CCD. Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared.

range of possible

Applications in many sectors

Imaging sensors are used in many fields of activity.
The SILINA solution adapts to your needs and specifications.